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HB 901

So unfortunately the flag ban passed commitee.

Here's a quote from our member Corey, "Today, 4 of our 10 members were permitted to speak in opposition of HB 901 (2024) after cutting our time from one minute to thirty seconds, and then cutting speaker time entirely.

This bill, sponsored by Borrero (R-111) and Fine (R-33), prohibits flags deemed “not appropriate” by the state to be flown on government property.

The lobbyist from the Christian Family Coalition went mask off, saying that the bill prohibits indoctrination and listed an anecdotal piece of evidence of a school in Palm Beach Gardens flying two pride flags and how it is “indoctrination.”

We know exactly what they’re implying, and we won’t let them win.

Don’t tread on us. We bite back."

Here's a speech that our member Mandi prepared but did not get say.

"My name is Mandi and I’m with WVSWFL and a Florida native. I oppose Hb901. This bill is cause for alarm due to its potential harmful impacts on the principles of free expression and our states ideals. The ability to express diverse perspectives is a cornerstone to democratic society not everything is politics.

In a true democracy, it is necessary that institutions reflect all of society not just a single majority, imposing a forced neutrality will only further endanger our already marginalized communities by erasing them.

How can you be ok with flying another countries flag in our governor's office but not a flag that represents a portion of your constituents that you continually refuse to recognize or respect.

This bill, if enacted, will suppress the very values it attempts to “protect.”

In the senate version this bill would allow current or retired military to enact force!?!Force to remove a flag. What!?! Talk about crazy extreme vigilantism! Holy hate crime, batman legalized and incentivized by our own government. In closing I urge you to vote no and put a stop to these senseless curated culture wars and focus on real problems and bills that could actually help the people you’re supposed to serve."

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